February 7, 2013

What To Do If You Are Dating Your Friends Ex

It’s a question that has plagued girls and boys alike for generations – is it ever OK to date your friend’s former flame? And if so, can you still salvage your friendship? Read Closer’s top tips for handling this potential minefield.
We often find ourselves in situations where we fancy people we really shouldn’t. And it’s easy when you’re spending lots of time with your gal pals and their men to become attracted to them in a certain way. For most of us, we don’t act on these impulses because that would a) ruin an excellent friendship, and b) be a pretty shady thing to do. But what happens when they’re no longer an item?

Ask yourself if it’s worth it
If it’s purely physical attraction you’re feeling for this person, ask yourself if it’s really worth wrecking your relationship with your mate just for a few nights of steamy fun. Things become more complicated when you genuinely feel you could have something special with this person. “There has to be more than the thrill of the drama because eventually that will fizzle out,” says Lisa Paz, Ph.D., a marriage, family and sex therapist.

Ask them if they’re serious

The other party has to understand what a difficult position you are in. Therefore, it’s a good idea if you’re going to start seeing each other to discuss their intentions. If they’re just having a good time and don’t really want to commit to anything – it’s definitely not worth it for you. Six months later you will probably be without sexy man, and closest mate.

Fess up to your friend

If it gets to the point where you both want to make things official, you need to talk to your friend. Don’t hide things and try to keep him a secret – it will never work, and your relationship will suffer. Invite her round for a drink, just the two of you, and explain the situation. It won’t be a pleasant conversation, but just be as honest as you can. “Once you’ve had that first kiss and feel like your relationship could be more than casual, then you need to tell, and certainly if you’ve already been to bed,” says Los Angeles relationship and dating expert Julie Spira.
Fighting over an ex

Prepare to play the bad guy

There are very few people who would be totally hunky-dory with their friend poaching their leftovers. Even if it ended a long time ago or it wasn’t particularly serious, people are naturally possessive. So let her demonise you for a bit, be understanding, and apologetic, and hopefully she’ll come round given time to adjust.

Don’t overshare

OK, so she’s come round to the idea that you two are going to be ‘a thing,’ maybe even managed to be a little bit happy for you, but don’t push your luck. It’s still weird to hear details of someone else with your ex, and she certainly won’t want to see endless facebook updates of how besotted you are with each other. Play it cool and keep the social networking to a minimum.

Talk to someone else about your relationship
She might have been your go-to-girl for sharing all details of your previous relationships, but this can’t happen, at least not straight away. If you want to gush about how amazing you feel with him, or ask for advice on a situation – call someone else.  Lisa Paz says: “Even if we’re over someone, we can still be a little territorial and competitive, so something as minor as you getting along well with his mother if she never did can really sting.”

How to build the trust back into your relationship

Kym Marsh
Kym Marsh and Jamie Lomas tied the knot this weekend in a lavish ceremony surrounded by a host of celebrity friends, despite a somewhat turbulent start to the year.

The new Mr and Mrs Lomas, who have been dating since 2008, hit a rocky patch in March when pictures of Jamie emerged with another girl in his hotel room and he was accused of cheating on the Coronation Street actress.

The couple denied the allegations however, with Kym revealing that she never believed the reports, saying that if her Hollyoaks beau had cheated on her, she wouldn't stand for it.

'Make no mistake - I'm no mug. The reason I'm standing by my man is because he hasn't done anything wrong. If he'd done it, it would be a different kettle of fish! But he wouldn't’ she said.

The suspicion of infidelity, whether it’s proved right or not, can shake the foundations of any relationship.

It may involve a friend, acquaintance, or a complete stranger or it may just be a niggling sense of doubt, but no matter the situation, it can undermine the trust in your marriage.

Building trust and feeling like your partner is trustworthy is not always easy for those who have had their trust betrayed or for those who have jealousy issues. Once your trust has been violated, it’s difficult to make it viable in your relationship again but it can be done.

Here’s our comprehensive guide to moving on getting over relationship insecurities…

Communicate with your partner

Show your partner what makes you happy/unhappy/angry etc… and take the time to talk with each other frequently.

If you have something to tell your partner, don’t hold back. They might not like what you’ve decided but they will appreciate the fact that you are telling them what you need.

In a disagreement, many people spend their time thinking about what they are going to say, rather than listening closely tounderstand the perspective of their partner. Or, they get caught up in the intense emotions of the moment, which usually disables their ability to hear what the other is saying. Listen to each other and work it out from there.

“Giving undivided attention to your partner is possibly the sincerest form of flattery,” according to psychologist and advice columnist Dr. Joyce Brothers.
How to get over your man

Don’t keep secrets

Keeping secrets is one of the worst things you can do in a relationship – you need to be as open with one another as possible, showing both solidarity and that you have nothing to hide.  Be honest, open, and upfront. Assume everything you know will eventually come out. Secrets require enormous amounts of energy on yours/their part – energy that would be better spent into building the relationship.

According to Anita E. Kelly, Professor of Psychology and author of The Clever Student and The Psychology of Secrets, revealing secrets is very helpful when it is done right; that is, in a safe, non-judgmental environment.  Revealing secrets can reduce stress, it helps people let go of an issue and think about it more clearly.

Resolve issues

Never go to bed angry. Unresolved issues fester and can slowly turn into resentment. If you are in the wrong, take responsibility for your mistake. Owning up to your blunders – no matter how small – shows that you are honest and trustworthy.

If there’s an issue that’s bothering you “ignoring it isn’t going to make it go away,” says clinical psychologist and author of the book The Power of Two: Secrets of a Strong & Loving Marriage, Susan Heitler.

Be reliable

Reliability is closely linked to trustworthiness, so make every effort to do what you say you will do. If something comes up and you can’t follow through, call and explain. Norelationship flourishes when one partner is considered unreliable so take your commitments seriously if your want to be thought of as trustworthy.

Learn to trust yourself

“The sooner you admit to yourself that you’d like things to be better, the more likely you’ll be able to have the relationship you want” says Robert Solley, a clinical psychologist specialising in couples therapy.

If you don’t trust yourself, meaning your ability to have good judgment and to make good choices, how can you trust someone else?

Just keep in mind that once your trust has been violated, your defenses start working overtime to protect yourself. Pay closer attention to your instincts and keep working on building trust in yourself.

How To Have Stronger,Explosive And More Frequent Orgasms

Having stronger and multiple orgasms is a dream for many women. We heard about women who are able to have two or three orgasms on the roll, and we feel a healthy envy. Or we know about ladies who have orgasms so strong that they feel the earth trembling. "How do they do it?"- We think in wonder.

The first answer that comes to mind is as unfair as inevitable: "wow, their partner must be a skilled love machine!" While it is true that having sex with a man who knows what he is doing, with experience and the energy to keep up, helps us to conquer the kingdom of the sexual enjoyment, a sexual superhero is not the warranty of our success having better orgasms. And we want enjoy stronger and more frequent orgasms in the company of a partner and when we practice sex by ourselves as well.
Sometimes women find it difficult to reach orgasms.
Stress, our busy lives, a weak immune system or menopause are factors that can make the orgasms harder to have. There is the say: "The most erogenous zone on a woman's body is her brain". And that is somehow true: women need to be stimulated psychologically as well as physically to enjoy sex to the maximum; if we are worried about our jobs, our children, or worlds' peace, it is difficult to liberate our minds, focus in sex and enjoy it. Many times we are so preoccupied that we don't even remember that sex exists. So the first advice to reach more and stronger orgasms is to put the brain at work. We must think about sex, put ourselves in the right mood. We can use our fantasy, erotic novels or straight pornography, whatever works for us, but the fact is that we have to feel the sex desire in ourselves before start the sexual act with someone else. Using aphrodisiac foods or a little alcohol can help, but we must remember that too much alcohol can numb our feelings, instead of enhance them.

The second advice is related to the first, because it is about stimulating our brains as well as our bodies. If we are having sex with somebody, we should use foreplay. Only if we are in a very sexual mood the fast and rough sexual act will work for us. Playing is an effective way to prepare our senses to feel better orgasms. We can use massage lotions to enhance the sensitivity on the skin, oils to make the friction more pleasant, or even games to make our brain ready with anticipation. Role play and costumes would help us to reach the right mood.

Once we are in the mood, we may use some tricks to help us to have stronger and better orgasms. One that is very effective in a long term is to exercise our vaginal muscles. These muscles become looser with age and children's birth, and exercising them will give us much more pleasure during penetration. We can exercise vaginal muscles by tightening them like if we are trying to hold the need to go urinate. We can do this wherever we want, while we watch TV or while traveling in the bus. We also can use the ben-wa balls, to practice Kegan exercises: these heavy balls may be introduced in the vagina, first one, and hold it as long as we can, then another one, and so on. Our vaginal muscles will be stronger, and we will feel more pleasure during penetration, as well as our partner will do.

If we want some extra tightness in our vagina to increase our pleasure, we can use the Passion Parties cream "Tighten Up". This cream makes the area more sensitive and tight.
There are many creams and lotions that enhance sensitivity and that can help us to have stronger and more orgasms. One of my favorites is "Orgasmix", it is only necessary a couple of drops and it makes the orgasms stronger and easier. "Pure Satisfaction" from Passion Parties, is a well known gel that enhances the blow flow in the clit area, making it very sensitive.
Using a good lubrication is essential to have better orgasms, because it makes the friction much more pleasant. There are many types of lubricants to choose form, we must find the one that blends well with our personal lubrication, and never forget to use it if we are masturbating or having sexual intercourse as well.

Women don't have really a physical limit in the amount of orgasms that they can reach in a sexual encounter, which is a difference we have respect men. Even it is proven that orgasms call orgasms, this means that having orgasms facilitates having more orgasms. It is like our bodies remember the way easily when they ride the path more often.
Investigating our bodies is very important to know how to have better and stronger orgasms. Women who spend time trying to figure out the things that please them will enjoy more sexual activities. That is the reason that masturbation is a good tool to improve women's sexual enjoyment. We can use sex toys of different sizes and shapes, to find out the ways we like sex.

B****! She Eats My P*****, Real Good Head!

"You know how many times I called him? He didn't even bother to pick up! Can you imagine that?"
"He probably wasn't with his phone," I said to her, getting irritated by her constant babbling and complaints.
"Oh Yes he was!" She retorted. "One time my call went through to 'waiting', meaning he was on the phone with someone else."
I sat still on the bed as I watched her undress. I wondered how such a beautiful gil like Lyza couldn't have all she wanted in a relationship. Life surely wasn't fair now was it? I watched her unhook her bra, letting her huge breasts bounce off in front of her as she
took it off. God! She was beautiful! I let my mind roam, to places it shouldn't. I thought of what it would be like to have her yearn for me as I was beginning to yearn for her too. She took off her thong, standing naked now in front of the full length mirror.

"You know, we had a fight yesterday. Right after sex! All I had said was 'it would be so nice to have you help me reach an orgasm'. I swear to you that was all I said and it became one hell of a big fight!"

I wondered what sort of man she had ended up with. Who wouldn't care about satisfying this very beautiful girl's needs.

"Well, its not entirely his fault that you can't have an orgasm. Hell, you probably have and didn't realize it." I said to her, trying to reassure her. She didn't respond. Instead she watched herself in the full length mirror, as she stood naked brushing her hair. I let my eyes scan her body. Her ass, a beauty to behold. I felt a rush of blood to my head and down my spine, as I let my need of her overtake me. My pussy acted fast, showing interest as she purred between my thighs.

"Have you ever thought of maybe being with someone else?" I asked

"Oh Michelle, the thought has crossed my mind a thousand times over. I can swear to you my ex made me cum. Or I think he did. There was this one time he had his fingers up my clits, I felt myself vaporize! Sometimes I wish I could sneak out to him just so he could give me head. He's crazy I swear it!"

I heard a tone of disappointment in her voice. I understood her needs. It is estimated a huge percentage of women would probably never experience real orgasms. Some will and not even realize it. Others would continue to fake it in bed with their partners and end
up the depressed bunch. As I thought about this I pitied her. And even much more now, I wanted to hold her and satisfy her every need like only a fellow woman could.

"You are really beautiful Lyza.." I said to her. She turned to look at me, her big brown eyes so beautiful. She smiled. I loved to see her smile. Without saying a word she walked into the bathroom and began to run the shower. I got up off the bed and went right after her. I found her with her back towards me as she had bent down over to handle the taps.

Look at the ass! I thought to myself. My pussy purred harder.


"Please let me do whatever the fuck my body wants to do to yours.." I said. This definitely didn't come out right. At least not as I expected. I quickly added "Let me fuck you."

She turned around to face me.


"Sshhhh..." I signaled with a finger across my lips. I walked up to her and sat her down on the edge of the tub. She parted her legs, exposing the cleanest pair of pussy lips I had ever seen. My heart skipped a bit. I could see hunger in her eyes. She didn't even resist
me. She didn't dare! We wanted this, there wasn't any use pretending about it.

I knelt down in front of her, going low enough to bury my head in her thighs as I began to lick her juices up. She moaned, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me even deeper into her wells. She tasted so good. I loved it. I wanted her to love it even more. "Oh fuck Michelle..." She yelped, pulling my hair even tighter.
The shower continued to run just behind her, her back collecting spatter of water. She clasped her legs behind me, every thug a sign of how much she loved it. I pushed one finger deep inside her, my tongue still working her wet pussy. She called my name, groaning and moaning all at once. I was determined to make this good for her. I was going to explore her totally till I got her to explode. And this was just the beginning of it all.

She Makes Way More Than Me! Problem?

So this has been a subject of discussion many a times when the matter of dating and marriage comes up with our dear Nigerian social group; She makes way more money than her boyfriend or husband.
Now when I’m saying she makes more money, I’m talking significantly more. Like 200k over 80k. A significant gap in financial power.
In many discussion one of the major issues that come up for both men & women is the issue of respect. A sizable number of men, more especially Nigerian men expressed concern that if their wife made more money than them, she will not respect him, and will not “do wifey duties”, and on the flipside some women have also said they might not respect a man who makes significantly less than them for whatever reason (unless he was in school). I guess for most of us, traditional things are still in the back of our minds that even with more modern views it’s a bit hard to shake off those traditional roles. It’s very interesting measuring up the “respect” factor with insecurities that might exist in that type of scenario.
Another issue that comes up is lifestyle and ambition. Is he making less money simply because of his career average pay or is he just not putting in the effort. Is the man just chilling with an easy life job making the little he can while the woman puts in 70 hrs in at the hospital? Is he doing domestic work to compensate? In a scenario like that, it’s likely that after a while, one party will begin to feel like they’re carrying the financial weight while the other is just chilling and “chopping the money”. But then again what if the situation is reversed? Is it as bad for a man to slave while the woman chills with a easy lifestyle job that pays little while she does domestic work? A more traditional role if you will.
Probably the biggest issue when this topic came up is future goals, and how the money is handled. As a woman being the breadwinner of family setting future financial goals for herself and the family fall primarily on her shoulders. This is a position where a lot of men as “head” of households find very difficult to handle. In many marriages, both Nigerian & non-Nigerian, where the woman is the breadwinner, the issue of how the money is allocated and future plans becomes an issue of a huge conflict as egos, and rights jam heads constantly. One person is the “head” of the household, but another brings in most of the money, so naturally wahala go dey. You don’t need to look too far to see these issues pop up in Nigerian households in the US.
All in all it almost seemed from conversations that most women, and more especially men will not have this as an ideal scenario and in some cases it’s almost a deal breaker.
But it’s 2013, and the likelihood of this happening is pretty high as we have more and more ambitious women. More than a generation ago. So now I ask: Men, would you have a problem with your wife making significantly more money than you? Women, would you care if he makes less?
Let’s hear it.

Stop faking it. Learn How to reach the Big ‘O’ Ladies!

man woman bed
So! You have been faking it girl haven’t you? Truth is, that is quite normal. Fake it! Just saw you don’t hurt his feelings by making him assume you do not feel him intimately. That is quite understandable. There are millions of girls all around the world just like you who have been faking it successfully, and millions more who actually reach the heights but do not even notice that they did. OuccCh! How
Well, the bad news is, he is expecting you to fake it. He probably already suspects you have been faking it in bed with him. But he would go on anyways, because unlike you, he’d get his height. He’d reach there. All he needs now is for you to keep on faking it so the love-making does’t end and he can get his.
No no no! He is not being unfair. He is being reasonable. After-all you are letting him know you are loving it by continuing with the excessive moans and loud screams trying to convince him that you love what he is doing even when you don’t. Well girlfriend, that has to stop. And Now! Find out how you can bring yourself to the Big O, and explode in unimaginable forces of pleasure that you never though possible. It really is very easy and you just have to know exactly what to do, where to touch, what sort of rhythm your body responds to. Oh, and you need to Relax!
Studies show that, 73% of men would like to know how their partners really feel about them in bed. A huge 57% of those would like to learn new ways to please their woman. What if your partner falls in this category?
My question to you is, “what sort of relationship are you really having if you cannot express your feelings to your partner, tell him you’d love for him to help you experience the big O, better yet, teach him and guide him on how to do it! Again, please remember, and i am sure you have heard this before, you are not the only woman having difficulties reaching the O. Which is why the O tell it all guides and researchers are going to give you surefire techniques and tips to help you reach electrifying, mind blowing heights you never before imagined.

Would She Cheat on you if you Don’t Go Down on Her?

Chances are, she just might! Research studies show that 88% of women are more liable to cheat on their lover if oral stimulation of her inner most senses are not given ever so willingly, especially when the reverse is the case on her part.
So yes, for the sake of Head,she might just Cheat on you!
This is a very sensitive topic and women discuss it all the time.
Countless times i have heard men say how they are disgusted by the thought of going down on a woman with their tongue. Well, if you fall in this category of men, would it interest you to know that there are other men out there who are not disgusted at the thought? Many of whom would offer to do it freely?
“I didn’t cheat on him. Or at least i do not think that i did. the only thing i let Tunde do was lick me up. I missed having that so bad..” -Maria, Lagos Nigeria
“My husband is always very reluctant to do it. I find it rude and disrespectful, especially when he complains about me not using my mouth on him. Isn’t that a rather selfish thing? When i let my best friend Nonso do it to me, i realize that i had 2 moments where i could have stopped him but i didn’t. A girl needs some oral loving too..” – Bibi, Kwara Nigeria
Cunnilingus as it is called biologically, is the one thing you ought to master. Do you sincerely want to loose your woman to another man just because you would not love her body enough to please it in every way possible?
If your girl has been with other men before you, she definitely knows all the many pleasures she is missing from you refusing her your mouth. Higher chances her she would not stop herself if she was offered it from another guy.
If it disgusts you so bad to do it, then here are 5 things that could help:
1: Is it the smell you are worried about? Then educate her. Foods eaten by women can trigger what sort of smells would be emitted from her wells. The sweeter and more tasty, the better. if she is a garlic eater for instance, then don’t expect to be pleasantly surprised by what her smell would be.
2:  If a girl drinks lots of water regularly, this would help in the general output of her odors below.
3: Is it the smell? Or the pubic hair? Having a well meaning conversation about hygiene always goes a long way, especially when done softly. Lovingly caress her body and tell her how you want to eat her so badly. Then cajole her to go take a shower. Or get a shave. Some girls might take offense to this move, but if done right, then you can absolutely get away with it.
“One day my boyfriend came home with a new set of lingerie he had bought for me. He said he was sure i’d look very sexy in them and he wanted to bathe me that night. He took me in the shower, bathed and massaged my back, carried me to the room and helped me lace up the new lingerie. It was so beautiful. Before i knew what was happening, he had gotten down on his knees, parted my legs and began to eat me up while i was standing. I never knew he could eat me like that. it was the best head ever…” – Laura, Zimbabwe
4.  Taste? Eat something sweet just before you go down on her. Your glands and tongue would hold residue of this sweetness enough to block out some of the real taste of her juices. Some juice, ice cream, sweets, chocolate.

Naturist couple: "Life in our naked village is so relaxing"

Tucked away in Hertfordshire there’s a village with a difference. Its 60 residents range in age from six to over 90, but they have one thing in common – they prefer not to wear clothes.
Astonishingly, the hamlet of Spielplatz in Brickett Wood is especially for naturists, and residents are free to walk around their communal streets, gardens and swimming pool in the buff.
It’s a lifestyle that residents Tina Yates and her husband Mark find liberating.
Explaining they’ve now lived there for 10 years, Tina says: “It’s like any village. The postman delivers our letters (although one was too embarrassed and refused!) and Tesco bring round our online shopping – we just might be naked when they come knocking!” laughs the retired teacher. “They were shocked at first but now they’re used to us.”
Tina, 62, became a naturist 15 years ago, after meeting Mark, 55, a photographer. She says: “Mark’s always been a naturist, but in private or on nudist beaches. It didn’t bother me, but I was very self-conscious myself because of a scar on my stomach from an operation. However, after a few months, he managed to persuade me to brave a naturist swimming pool in the UK. I was nervous, but there were people of all sizes and I realised it wasn’t important what I looked like.”
The pair began visiting naturist groups regularly and when they heard about Spielplatz a few months later, decided to attend an open weekend. They loved it so much, after five years they moved there permanently.
“We fell in love with it,” says Tina. “We’d finally found the freedom to be ourselves.
To live here you have to have been a member first and visit regularly at the caravan site
“The village started life in 1929 when a family of naturists moved on to the land and built a house. Then other naturists decided to live nearby and it evolved to 30 houses – most owned by residents but some owned by the community’s committee, which rents them out.
“You have to be a naturist to live here if you’re over 18, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear clothes at all. If it’s cold we keep our clothes on, although we’ve been known to have naked snowball fights! The only place where you absolutely can’t wear clothes is in the pool and sauna.
“And there are no dogs allowed in the village because they jump up and sniff you – which isn’t so great if you’re naked!”
She adds: “To live here you have to have been a member first and visit regularly at the caravan site. If someone moves out, a house will be offered to you, but a committee has to approve you’ll fit into the community.”
Spielplatz’s residents – including a young family with a six year old – go about most of their business clothes-free, including gardening, sunbathing and chatting to neighbours. They’ll sip drinks in the bar and eat in its café in the nude – but have to take a towel to sit on. Most people are retired, but others go to work elsewhere, which they dress for.
Explaining being naked in public isn’t illegal as long as you don’t intend harm or distress, Tina says: “It’s so nice not to have to worry about people spotting you naked through your window or in the garden. The village doesn’t have a road through it, we are up a private lane – although we’re not gated – so we don’t get strangers staring.”
And the pair, who don’t have kids together, reveal Tina’s daughters from her first marriage, Hannah, 35, and Alice, 33, happily stay – and strip off too.
Alice, who isn’t a naturist full-time, says: “It’s just not a big deal. I’m used to Mark and Mum wandering around naked.”
'If it’s cold we keep our clothes on, although we’ve been known to have naked snowball fights!'
And Tina adds: “Some people may find it odd that Mark plays naked pool with his stepdaughters – but they’re just bodies, there’s nothing sexual in it.”
Although she admits some find that hard to understand. She says: “Once I asked a male visitor to leave. They’d got the wrong idea and were wandering around clearly very pleased to see everyone!
“But usually we’re a very peaceful community – I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”
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Mikel Ruffinelli 'My hubby loves my sexy 8ft hips - I'll never diet'

Bootylicious takes on a whole new meaning in relation to Mikel Ruffinelli – the mum-of-four has the biggest hips in the world, measuring a staggering 8ft in circumference.

Mikel – who tips the scales at 30st – insists she’s proud of her shape, scoffing 3,000 calories a day to keep her “booty” in perfect condition.

Mikel solo

Vowing she’ll never diet, Mikel says her husband of 10 years, Reggie Brooks, 40, a computer technician, adores her figure.

Mikel, 39, says: “I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems. I love Mexican food, English breakfasts and chips. My husband finds my shape sexy and we have an amazing time in bed – there’s no position we can’t do! He tells me I’m beautiful every day. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

Mikel, who’s 5ft 4, shuffles through doors sideways, has steel supported chairs at home and drives a truck as she can’t fit into a car. She even sleeps in a 7ft-wide bed.

Mikel Ruffinelli
With husband Reggie and daughters (l-r) Autumn, Destynee and Justyce

Slim as a teenager, she started gaining weight aged 22 after the birth of her first child, Andrew, now 19, from a previous relationship.

She says: “I was an athletic teenager and weighed 10st. I never had problems with my weight, although big hips do run in the family. My mum, gran and great gran all have them – but theirs aren’t as big as mine.

“After having Andrew in 1994, I went from 13st and a size 16 to 17st and a size 20 and couldn’t shift it.”

And, as three more children – Destynee, 13, Autumn, nine, and Justyce, seven – followed over the next decade with Reggie, her hips ballooned, and she reached 30st and a size 32.

She says: “I put it down to my pregnancies. I don’t see why else the weight would go to my hips, although, I do eat lots.”

Mikel main

She adds: “It sounds like a lot to have 3,000 calories, but for someone my size, it’s not really. I might have a breakfast of two eggs with sausage and bacon and a handful of potatoes. Lunch is fried fish and French fries, but dinner’s my big meal. I like to make barbecue chicken with rice or mash. I have a big portion – but I’m not greedy. I snack on peanuts, granola bars and crisps.”

And Mikel, who has a proportionally small 40-inch waist and 42D bust, insists she is happy with her figure, saying: “In the past, I was self-conscious about my hips and tried milkshake diets, but they didn’t work.

As I got older, I learned to love my body and now I’m not afraid to show it off. Being healthy is the main thing. I do water aerobics to keep fit – I can’t run on land! I struggle to buy sexy underwear, though. I get most of my knickers custom made.”

Mikel younger
Mikel - here with an ex-boyfriend - was slim as a teenager 

In fact, Mikel, who lives in LA where she’s studying for a psychology degree, is so confident, for the past five years she’s modelled for a Big Beautiful Women website, earning up to £600 per shoot. She says: “I mostly wear lingerie. I have two seamstresses who make my outfits, although I can easily find clothes for my top half, it’s the bottoms that are a problem.”

But Mikel says she gets laughed at, revealing: “When I walk down the street I can hear people using cameras and saying: ‘Look at her fat ass.’ Fortunately, I rise above it. I don’t want to get bigger, but I don’t want to lose my curves. I look great. I hope I inspire women to think, ‘She’s happy with her body and I can be too!’”

Dr Sarah Jarvis, a clinical consultant for Patient.co.uk, says: “Some people are genetically predisposed to gain weight around their abdomen or hips. However, being obese can cause diabetes, high-blood pressure, arthritis, a stroke or heart attack and puts a huge amount of stress on joints.” 


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To Boost Your 2go Star Progress, download this our 2go=>Free Browsing Naija 2go Version 2 then get a glo sim and create prov file with these settings:
I.P: Port: 80 Username: wap Password: wap Access Point: glosecure Homepage: wap.gloworld.com (when it has been created, send it to china phone and send it back to your java phone via bluetooth) or if you don't know how to create prov online, check HERE.
If you need the offline prov creator,

Now lunch your 2go and input your username and password. If it logs you in, continue chatting but if it is writing logging in, reconnecting and starting 2go, leave it for like 5hrs or more cos @ these stages, your star progress will be boosting. For you to enjoy this trick very well, get nokia c3/2626 cos the GPRS signal on other old nokia models do shake when it gets to 1hr. But when you have the lastest java models you gonna Enjoy it.