February 7, 2013

How To Have Stronger,Explosive And More Frequent Orgasms

Having stronger and multiple orgasms is a dream for many women. We heard about women who are able to have two or three orgasms on the roll, and we feel a healthy envy. Or we know about ladies who have orgasms so strong that they feel the earth trembling. "How do they do it?"- We think in wonder.

The first answer that comes to mind is as unfair as inevitable: "wow, their partner must be a skilled love machine!" While it is true that having sex with a man who knows what he is doing, with experience and the energy to keep up, helps us to conquer the kingdom of the sexual enjoyment, a sexual superhero is not the warranty of our success having better orgasms. And we want enjoy stronger and more frequent orgasms in the company of a partner and when we practice sex by ourselves as well.
Sometimes women find it difficult to reach orgasms.
Stress, our busy lives, a weak immune system or menopause are factors that can make the orgasms harder to have. There is the say: "The most erogenous zone on a woman's body is her brain". And that is somehow true: women need to be stimulated psychologically as well as physically to enjoy sex to the maximum; if we are worried about our jobs, our children, or worlds' peace, it is difficult to liberate our minds, focus in sex and enjoy it. Many times we are so preoccupied that we don't even remember that sex exists. So the first advice to reach more and stronger orgasms is to put the brain at work. We must think about sex, put ourselves in the right mood. We can use our fantasy, erotic novels or straight pornography, whatever works for us, but the fact is that we have to feel the sex desire in ourselves before start the sexual act with someone else. Using aphrodisiac foods or a little alcohol can help, but we must remember that too much alcohol can numb our feelings, instead of enhance them.

The second advice is related to the first, because it is about stimulating our brains as well as our bodies. If we are having sex with somebody, we should use foreplay. Only if we are in a very sexual mood the fast and rough sexual act will work for us. Playing is an effective way to prepare our senses to feel better orgasms. We can use massage lotions to enhance the sensitivity on the skin, oils to make the friction more pleasant, or even games to make our brain ready with anticipation. Role play and costumes would help us to reach the right mood.

Once we are in the mood, we may use some tricks to help us to have stronger and better orgasms. One that is very effective in a long term is to exercise our vaginal muscles. These muscles become looser with age and children's birth, and exercising them will give us much more pleasure during penetration. We can exercise vaginal muscles by tightening them like if we are trying to hold the need to go urinate. We can do this wherever we want, while we watch TV or while traveling in the bus. We also can use the ben-wa balls, to practice Kegan exercises: these heavy balls may be introduced in the vagina, first one, and hold it as long as we can, then another one, and so on. Our vaginal muscles will be stronger, and we will feel more pleasure during penetration, as well as our partner will do.

If we want some extra tightness in our vagina to increase our pleasure, we can use the Passion Parties cream "Tighten Up". This cream makes the area more sensitive and tight.
There are many creams and lotions that enhance sensitivity and that can help us to have stronger and more orgasms. One of my favorites is "Orgasmix", it is only necessary a couple of drops and it makes the orgasms stronger and easier. "Pure Satisfaction" from Passion Parties, is a well known gel that enhances the blow flow in the clit area, making it very sensitive.
Using a good lubrication is essential to have better orgasms, because it makes the friction much more pleasant. There are many types of lubricants to choose form, we must find the one that blends well with our personal lubrication, and never forget to use it if we are masturbating or having sexual intercourse as well.

Women don't have really a physical limit in the amount of orgasms that they can reach in a sexual encounter, which is a difference we have respect men. Even it is proven that orgasms call orgasms, this means that having orgasms facilitates having more orgasms. It is like our bodies remember the way easily when they ride the path more often.
Investigating our bodies is very important to know how to have better and stronger orgasms. Women who spend time trying to figure out the things that please them will enjoy more sexual activities. That is the reason that masturbation is a good tool to improve women's sexual enjoyment. We can use sex toys of different sizes and shapes, to find out the ways we like sex.

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