February 7, 2013

B****! She Eats My P*****, Real Good Head!

"You know how many times I called him? He didn't even bother to pick up! Can you imagine that?"
"He probably wasn't with his phone," I said to her, getting irritated by her constant babbling and complaints.
"Oh Yes he was!" She retorted. "One time my call went through to 'waiting', meaning he was on the phone with someone else."
I sat still on the bed as I watched her undress. I wondered how such a beautiful gil like Lyza couldn't have all she wanted in a relationship. Life surely wasn't fair now was it? I watched her unhook her bra, letting her huge breasts bounce off in front of her as she
took it off. God! She was beautiful! I let my mind roam, to places it shouldn't. I thought of what it would be like to have her yearn for me as I was beginning to yearn for her too. She took off her thong, standing naked now in front of the full length mirror.

"You know, we had a fight yesterday. Right after sex! All I had said was 'it would be so nice to have you help me reach an orgasm'. I swear to you that was all I said and it became one hell of a big fight!"

I wondered what sort of man she had ended up with. Who wouldn't care about satisfying this very beautiful girl's needs.

"Well, its not entirely his fault that you can't have an orgasm. Hell, you probably have and didn't realize it." I said to her, trying to reassure her. She didn't respond. Instead she watched herself in the full length mirror, as she stood naked brushing her hair. I let my eyes scan her body. Her ass, a beauty to behold. I felt a rush of blood to my head and down my spine, as I let my need of her overtake me. My pussy acted fast, showing interest as she purred between my thighs.

"Have you ever thought of maybe being with someone else?" I asked

"Oh Michelle, the thought has crossed my mind a thousand times over. I can swear to you my ex made me cum. Or I think he did. There was this one time he had his fingers up my clits, I felt myself vaporize! Sometimes I wish I could sneak out to him just so he could give me head. He's crazy I swear it!"

I heard a tone of disappointment in her voice. I understood her needs. It is estimated a huge percentage of women would probably never experience real orgasms. Some will and not even realize it. Others would continue to fake it in bed with their partners and end
up the depressed bunch. As I thought about this I pitied her. And even much more now, I wanted to hold her and satisfy her every need like only a fellow woman could.

"You are really beautiful Lyza.." I said to her. She turned to look at me, her big brown eyes so beautiful. She smiled. I loved to see her smile. Without saying a word she walked into the bathroom and began to run the shower. I got up off the bed and went right after her. I found her with her back towards me as she had bent down over to handle the taps.

Look at the ass! I thought to myself. My pussy purred harder.


"Please let me do whatever the fuck my body wants to do to yours.." I said. This definitely didn't come out right. At least not as I expected. I quickly added "Let me fuck you."

She turned around to face me.


"Sshhhh..." I signaled with a finger across my lips. I walked up to her and sat her down on the edge of the tub. She parted her legs, exposing the cleanest pair of pussy lips I had ever seen. My heart skipped a bit. I could see hunger in her eyes. She didn't even resist
me. She didn't dare! We wanted this, there wasn't any use pretending about it.

I knelt down in front of her, going low enough to bury my head in her thighs as I began to lick her juices up. She moaned, grabbing a handful of my hair and pulling me even deeper into her wells. She tasted so good. I loved it. I wanted her to love it even more. "Oh fuck Michelle..." She yelped, pulling my hair even tighter.
The shower continued to run just behind her, her back collecting spatter of water. She clasped her legs behind me, every thug a sign of how much she loved it. I pushed one finger deep inside her, my tongue still working her wet pussy. She called my name, groaning and moaning all at once. I was determined to make this good for her. I was going to explore her totally till I got her to explode. And this was just the beginning of it all.

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