February 7, 2013



It's quite discouraging to see our readers posting insultive comment(s) on some of our post. As if, they paid for any of the services here. I just want to use this opportunity to urge you guys to stop POSTING INSULTIVE AND FOUL comments on this blog. If you try any tutorial/cheat and it didn't work, you can comment in a more polite manner. We just want to keep serving you guys, and I believe our service is being appreciated by few. This website is managed by two young guys, I(Focus) and Jaycode, there are better ways to encourage us. Thank you.
Now to the topic of this post, by 
To Boost Your 2go Star Progress, download this our 2go=>Free Browsing Naija 2go Version 2 then get a glo sim and create prov file with these settings:
I.P: Port: 80 Username: wap Password: wap Access Point: glosecure Homepage: wap.gloworld.com (when it has been created, send it to china phone and send it back to your java phone via bluetooth) or if you don't know how to create prov online, check HERE.
If you need the offline prov creator,

Now lunch your 2go and input your username and password. If it logs you in, continue chatting but if it is writing logging in, reconnecting and starting 2go, leave it for like 5hrs or more cos @ these stages, your star progress will be boosting. For you to enjoy this trick very well, get nokia c3/2626 cos the GPRS signal on other old nokia models do shake when it gets to 1hr. But when you have the lastest java models you gonna Enjoy it.

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