February 7, 2013

Would She Cheat on you if you Don’t Go Down on Her?

Chances are, she just might! Research studies show that 88% of women are more liable to cheat on their lover if oral stimulation of her inner most senses are not given ever so willingly, especially when the reverse is the case on her part.
So yes, for the sake of Head,she might just Cheat on you!
This is a very sensitive topic and women discuss it all the time.
Countless times i have heard men say how they are disgusted by the thought of going down on a woman with their tongue. Well, if you fall in this category of men, would it interest you to know that there are other men out there who are not disgusted at the thought? Many of whom would offer to do it freely?
“I didn’t cheat on him. Or at least i do not think that i did. the only thing i let Tunde do was lick me up. I missed having that so bad..” -Maria, Lagos Nigeria
“My husband is always very reluctant to do it. I find it rude and disrespectful, especially when he complains about me not using my mouth on him. Isn’t that a rather selfish thing? When i let my best friend Nonso do it to me, i realize that i had 2 moments where i could have stopped him but i didn’t. A girl needs some oral loving too..” – Bibi, Kwara Nigeria
Cunnilingus as it is called biologically, is the one thing you ought to master. Do you sincerely want to loose your woman to another man just because you would not love her body enough to please it in every way possible?
If your girl has been with other men before you, she definitely knows all the many pleasures she is missing from you refusing her your mouth. Higher chances her she would not stop herself if she was offered it from another guy.
If it disgusts you so bad to do it, then here are 5 things that could help:
1: Is it the smell you are worried about? Then educate her. Foods eaten by women can trigger what sort of smells would be emitted from her wells. The sweeter and more tasty, the better. if she is a garlic eater for instance, then don’t expect to be pleasantly surprised by what her smell would be.
2:  If a girl drinks lots of water regularly, this would help in the general output of her odors below.
3: Is it the smell? Or the pubic hair? Having a well meaning conversation about hygiene always goes a long way, especially when done softly. Lovingly caress her body and tell her how you want to eat her so badly. Then cajole her to go take a shower. Or get a shave. Some girls might take offense to this move, but if done right, then you can absolutely get away with it.
“One day my boyfriend came home with a new set of lingerie he had bought for me. He said he was sure i’d look very sexy in them and he wanted to bathe me that night. He took me in the shower, bathed and massaged my back, carried me to the room and helped me lace up the new lingerie. It was so beautiful. Before i knew what was happening, he had gotten down on his knees, parted my legs and began to eat me up while i was standing. I never knew he could eat me like that. it was the best head ever…” – Laura, Zimbabwe
4.  Taste? Eat something sweet just before you go down on her. Your glands and tongue would hold residue of this sweetness enough to block out some of the real taste of her juices. Some juice, ice cream, sweets, chocolate.

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