September 10, 2008

Nigerian housemate having a nice time.

It seems that the Nigerian housemate is having a good time in the house. When BBA 3 started Uti was a little bit quite and some how boring. If one was asked to be the judge of who would take the cash home, you would have voted for Mimi, Rico or the SA housemate Thami.

Now things have changed and Uti is becoming more popular. He seem to be getting on well with the other housemates, he is creative, does not talk too much, he respects the other housemates, he apologized to Lucille and above all the Nigerian does not sleep around with any girl.

He seems not to be in a hurry when it comes to the relationships matters. He takes time to study events in the house and then takes the action. Although Biggie is still young, right now if biggie came to an end bet me the cash would go to Nigeria.

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