September 24, 2009

Michael Jackson vs. Britney Spears: Pop Go the Singles!

Michael Jackson, Britney Spears Get ready for two new singles from two—like it or not, Britney haters—pop icons: One whose recording career hasn't exactly been showing signs of life lately and the other whose, well, life hasn't exactly been showing signs of life lately.

That's right, just in case a feature-length documentary, unrelenting media coverage (you're welcome?) and a tribute milkshake weren't enough to slake the public's thirst for the King of Pop, Sony Music Entertainment today announced it will be releasing Michael Jackson's first posthumous single, "This Is It," Oct. 12.

We're guessing if sales go as hoped, this definitely won't be it...

Little is being revealed about the track, including when or where it was recorded, though Jackson had seemingly spent the last few years perpetually prepping for a comeback, with and Akon among his confirmed in-studio collaborators.

And as with all things Jackson, the new single will be a family affair.

Jackson's brothers provided the background vocals on the song, which will play over the closing credits of This Is It.

"This song only defines, once again, what the world already knows—that Michael is one of God's greatest gifts," said Jackson estate coexecutor (and longtime music exec) John McClain.

Clearly, the man has been taking promotional lessons from Papa Joe.

The single will also launch a new two-disc greatest-hits collection set for release this October. In addition to the track, the set will include one album of Jackson's greatest hits and another featuring unreleased versions of said hits. The second album will also feature a spoken-word poem from Jackson, "Planet Earth."

As for Brit-Brit, she's been keeping a relatively low profile lately, but expect that to change soon. Like, next week.

Next Tuesday, Spears is releasing "3," a brand-new single that will hopefully also help springboard her own greatest-hits album into the charts.

The Singles Collection, to be released Nov. 24, marks 10 years since the risqué pig-tailed schoolgirl wedged herself into our pop culture consciousness.

The album will be available in two editions, both standard and an ultimate fan box set. The bonus-packed latter will feature B-sides and remixes, additional artwork and a DVD of Britney's video career in chronological order. It also boasts 29 tracks compared to the standard set's 17.

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