January 6, 2009

Autopsy Confirms Jett Travolta Died of "Seizure," Body to Be Cremated

John Travolta and Kelly Preston's 16-year-old son, Jett, who had a history of health problems, was killed by a "seizure," according to the death certificate issued today.

While the official results of an autopsy today have yet to been publicly announced, mortician Glen Campbell of the Restview Memorial Mortuary in the Bahamas confirmed to E! News that cause of death was a seizure and "there was no sign of head trauma."

"The body was in good condition," Campbell said.

A source close to the proceedings also told E! News that a preliminary report on Jett's death determined "there is no foul play," corroborating what a Travolta family lawyer initially stated last Friday.

"It is not a suspicious death. The body wouldn't already be turned over to the mortuary if there was anything suspicious," the source said. Autopsies are standard procedure in the Bahamas in cases of sudden death.

Bahamian Minister of Health Hubert Minnis did not say when, or if, the autopsy findings would be made public. Bahamian official and close Travolta family friend Obie Wilchcombe tells E! News that the autopsy was completed at 12 p.m. local time.

Mortuary director Keith McSweeney also confirmed that Jett's body is being cremated. "The remains will be turned over to his family tomorrow," he said.
A funeral service was expected Wednesday in Ocala, Fla., where the Travoltas have a home.

Late Monday afternoon, a black hearse—apparently a decoy—traveled from the funeral home to the local airport, where two jets waited. Police in dress uniform blocked access to the tarmac.

The autopsy was conducted by two pathologists this morning. The local coroner in Freeport was joined by a U.S.-certified specialist, who was flown in from Nassau at dawn. The dual reports were intended to ensure accuracy and provide a more thorough analysis of what transpired.

Wilchcombe says the Travolta family doctor was also flown in to observe this morning's autopsy after getting special clearance from the health ministry.

The results confirm Travolta family lawyer Michael Ossi's statement that Jett suffered a fatal seizure. Jett's body was discovered by a caretaker Friday morning, and despite efforts to revive him, including an attempt at CPR by John Travolta, the young man never regained consciousness.

Jett, who suffered from Kawasaki disease, had a history of such attacks, Ossi said.

There is one minor mystery, however. The report that there was no indication of head trauma contradicts initial statements made by local police, who said that Jett had hit his head on the bathtub in his room at the Old Bahama Bay resort, presumably after suffering a seizure.

There's been no immediate comment from authorities on the discrepancy.

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