December 31, 2008

Feast in Warri At year’s end, GKS enlivens oil town with message of renewal

For ministers and members of the God’s Kingdom Society (GKS), it was a joyful moment at this year’s celebration of the Christian Feast of Tabernacles held at the International Headquarters of the church, Salem City, Warri, Delta State.
Despite the attack of Thursday, November 21, 2008 on the church by armed robbers which caused the death of four members, the faithful still showed themselves faithful in their cause for the work of God’s kingdom.

They travelled from far and near in large numbers to observe the great feast.
The eight-day event, which generally held either at St. Urhobo Square or The Grand Stand at the Salem City was declared open by the President of GKS, Oseghale Emmanuel Aighalua.
With the general theme, Think of the end and be sober, by Aighalua, the feast was spectacular. The mammoth crowd dressed in diverse traditional colourful attire was delightful to behold. The people not only exhibited cultural variations but promoted tourism in the country.

The occasion, described by the National President, GKS Youth’s Fellowship, Brother Peters Edoja, as one of the best outings since the inauguration of the church also marked the end of the church’s biblical year and the beginning of a new one.

Indeed, the city of Warri stood still for GKS’ Christian Feast of Tabernacles also known as the Feast of Rejoicing. Anyone visiting the town for the first time would easily know that there was a celebration in town as there were banners for direction at different strategic points. There were many people on motorbikes and in cars heading towards Salem City, the feast ground.

Starting from Sunday, December 14, the annual feast kicked off with Christian processions by jubilant feast celebrants to different parts of Warri. A very large balloon with an inscription, GKS Feast of the Tabernacles, was in the air as long as the occasion lasted.

Two subjects were discussed on the first day entitled, The Essence of the Feast of Tabernacles by Brother O.E. Oriaku and Everlasting Peace of God by Brother L. O. Edemhanria.

According to Oriaku, the feast was ordained by God Almighty through His Prophet, Moses, as a memorial of the Israelites’ years of sojourning in the wilderness when they lived in booths. Oriaku said it was an occasion of thanksgiving to God by way of offerings, songs and dances and most importantly, a time for spiritual renewal as the word of God was read and explained to the entire congregation, so that they might do God’s will always.

He explained that the festival is being celebrated anti-typically now that Jesus Christ, the perfect tabernacle of God, is with men, and in keeping with the prophetic command in Zechariah 14:16-19.
In his discourse, Edemhanria highlighted the distressed conditions people all over the world are made to live in at the instance of Satan, the devil, while pointing out that it is only in God Almighty and His son, Jesus Christ, through their established kingdom that all people of goodwill would have a new order of things free from pains, anxieties, poverty, wars, diseases and disasters.
Station Minister, GKS Onitsha branch, Brother T.C. Mazi-Rapu, on the following day spoke on, Are Women Ordained by God to preach the Gospel?

Mazi-Rapu made it clear that from the beginning, God only used men to do His work. He said the references to women as prophetesses in the Holy Bible were owing to wrong translations. He added that women could preach to other women and not in the whole congregation where men were.
In the same vein, Publicity Secretary, GKS, Brother Benedict Hart, spoke on the subject, What Is The Anointing Of The Holy Spirit?

He said that the anointing with literal oil in the time of old foreshadowed the anointing with the Holy Spirit through which God commissioned Jesus Christ for his earthly ministry. Hart explained that the saints were known by God before they were born, adding that they were not taught by men and that their hallmark is the truth which they preach unmixed with lies. “The multitude of those now parading themselves as anointed men and women of God are being presumptuous in as much as they do not have the credentials for apostleship,” he noted.

While lecturing on, Speaking In Tongues, Brother Moses Bazunu, who cited 1Corinthians 13:8 said that, the gift of speaking in tongues or other languages have ceased as people in various parts of the earth could now read the Bible and preach the word of God in their languages, which was not the case at the time of the early church.

He pointed out that what people say today was nothing but meaningless sounds contrary to what happened on the day of Pentecost.
In the first lecture taken on Tuesday, the third day of the event, entitled, What Did Christ Mean When He Said, ‘A Little While And The World Seeth Me No More,’ Station Minister, GKS, Yenegoa, Brother A. Okocha, said that the world would not see Jesus Christ in flesh anymore.

He explained that only the saints would see him because they would be resurrected as spirits and taken to heaven at Christ’s second presence, while others who would be chosen in the last days would know of his coming by revelation and then they would go and educate the world about God and His kingdom.
Station Minister, GKS Abuja, Brother T.M. Ekiseowei, speaking on, The Marks Of The True Church hinted that a true church is not characterized by claims of miracles, speaking in tongues or long period of existence but by the doctrine the church preaches.

He added that churches which believe in doctrines such as trinity, immortality of the soul, hell fire, among others, are not true because such teachings are contrary to the Bible.
In his subject, Walking In Newness Of Life, Senior Executive Minister, Brother Ifeacho, said it was shameful that some professed believers were given to idol worshipping, owing to lack of faith in God.

He condemned homosexuality as offensive to the ears and charged the faithful to show forth virtues which are fruits of the spirit such as love, joy, longsuffering, faith, temperance, among others.
On Thursday, Chairman of GKS Okota, Brother Felix Osifo, spoke on: Honour The Lord With Your Substance.

Drawing from the Lord’s injunction regarding the Feast of Tabernacles that the celebrants should not appear empty before the Lord, Osifo urged everyone to realize that they owe their creator the obligation to serve Him with all they have now that they are alive.

Also exhorting the people on the topic, In Your Patience, Possess Ye Your Souls, Trustee and Member of the GKS Executive Board, Brother Felix Adedokun, said that although the people of God suffer tribulations from time to time at the instance of the devil, if they should persevere with God, things would turn around for them and they would enjoy life and abundant blessing in the end.

General Secretary of GKS, Brother Ekireghwo, spoke on: Give diligence to make your calling and election sure. And the Vice President, GKS, Brother S. Nwaeke, dwelt on: Men ought always to pray and not to faint.

Nwaeke, who prayed for peace to continue in the Niger Delta for the growth of the work of God, spoke vehemently against women wearing men’s clothes just as he warned men against wearing women ornaments.

The event heightened from Friday, the sixth day of celebration. In the morning, GKS women from Nigeria and abroad converged on the St. Urhobo Square for the Christian women assembly. Two sisters, Grace Doku Gin and Funmilayo Alli addressed the sisters.

Also speaking on the occasion, Chairperson GKS Women, Sister Comfort Okandeji (Snr), urged the women to continue with the good work of God knowing fully that God does not forget their righteous work. While the Chairperson, London, Mrs. Victoria Atugba, highlighted how the GKS London fellowship fared.

The evening witnessed a celebration galore tagged, The Christian Music Festival. Men, women, children and even ministers displayed a high sense of appreciation to God with diverse languages and cultures through music, dance and costumes.
The music festival, which lasted for three hours with each group and branch performing for 10 minutes, had many dignitaries in attendance.

As early as 7.00am on Saturday, December 20, women dressed in wine-coloured wrappers and green blouses set out for a procession through the streets of Warri.
Activities came to a climax the following day, Sunday, with men and women dancing round Warri town as instruments of music moved about town in several vehicles were, a spectacle to behold.
Apart from these events, there were also meetings of different organizations, the aged, children and many others.

The President, Aighalua, charged everyone to meditate on the things taught at the feast. He reminded the people that those who keep God’s word will be blessed by Jehovah.
At the end, everyone was spiritually fulfilled. With the balloon deflated, it was the end of the feast and departure time for many who had travelled from within and outside the country to be part of the epoch-making event.

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I am pleased to know that my senior sister is the president of GKS women in London. Keep up the good work.