December 19, 2008

Dupri Still Janet's Boyfriend, But Not Her Baby Daddy

The nonfather has spoken.

Jermaine Dupri has taken to his punctuation-eschewing blog to deny rumors that he and longtime love Janet Jackson have broken up and that the pop diva is pregnant, as she was so labeled by a recent magazine cover.

"As you all know Janet is a very private person the only reason you see her as much as you do on my YouTube vlog is because of me LOL," Dupri wrote (in all caps, incidentally).

"But I hear yall and your questions. So hear [sic] you have it… No she is not pregnant and yes we're still together."

Rumors arose that Miss Jackson was expecting after she was forced to miss nearly a dozen dates on her Rock Witchu tour due to, according to her camp, migraine-induced vertigo. Then the lack of Dupri sightings while Jackson was recuperating further hinted at the possibility of a breakup.

A chain reaction that Dupri is apparently familiar with.

"It baffles me how yall let these blog and magazines control your lives [sic]," he continued.

"That's why I created so when ever hear s--t about me you can come right here and get the truth."

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