November 28, 2008

Hulk Can't Be Restrained, Ex Still Trying to Milk Him

Hulk Hogan's estranged wife thinks he isn't giving her enough, while her new beau thinks the wrestling star is dishing out way too much.

Less than a week after Linda Hogan's boyfriend's request for a restraining order against Hogan was denied, the former Hogan Knows Best matriarch publicly stated that she thinks the $40,000-per-month in support she's receiving is a "drop in the bucket" compared to what her hulking hubby earned over the course of their marriage.

And she's heading to court to ask for an additional $400,000, according to documents filed Nov. 21.

"It is all relative. That is what people don't understand. You can't compare what Linda gets to your own income of 50K a year, you have to compare it to Hulk's one time income of 12 to 16 million a year and the lifestyle that comes with it. That puts it into perspective," Linda's publicist, Gary Smith, said in a statement Tuesday.

Well, in that case...

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