September 25, 2008


They're second to go!
Their dancing days are numbered! Actor Ted McGinley and his pro partner Inna Brayer became the second pair to get voted off "Dancing with the Stars."
"I'm gonna miss everybody, it's been a lot of fun," Ted said on Wednesday night's results show. "I know there's a lot of guys at home on the couch with a beer in hand having a chuckle at me -- and thank you for that."
"I'm so proud of him," Inna admired. "He's come such a long way."
Toni Braxton and Alec Mazo were the other pair seemingly up for elimination, prompting judge Len Goodman to say: "This shows that nobody's safe. Anybody can be in the bottom two!"
Musical performances by Jesse McCartney and the Jonas Brothers lifted spirits -- Joe Jonas even danced mid-song for a few beats!

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