September 8, 2008


Not everyone thinks Kanye West needs to rein in his fact, Estelle (who sings "American Boy" with him) thinks more people should be so cocky.

"People say what they say about his ego, but he's very sure of himself and I think that's a great way to be," she told E! News at Belvedere's dinner party at Dakota, which was held in her honor. "I think more people should follow him, and be more cocky and more proud of their work."

She also wasn't surprised by his decision to close the VMAs tonight, despite him swearing that he'd never perform for MTV again after being shut out last year.

"I'm sure it was all planned," she said. "I think people want to see what he'll bring after all of that and I think they're going to be pleasantly surprised and happy with it."

Also getting a second chance to redeem herself after last year's VMA debacle: Britney Spears. The pop star is opening the show, but not performing per se. courtesy:

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