December 11, 2008


1.To browse with your default phone settings, go to the
homepage address of your phone and delete:
'''' and replace it with:
It should take this ,SAVE and browse free.

2. To browse with your phone using the SOLIBAY software.
a.Configure the software in your phone by clicking on it,when it opens,then click on the top left hand side of your phone ie Menu, click on tools,then Settings,then Network.Scroll down the page to where you have Opera Mini on it , You will see the number
b.In front of it, type It will take this form: Then OK
c. Uncheck(remove the ok symbol) on Reset of server at an error.
d.Check(tick) on Ftp-link open by inbuilt in client.
e.Click on save.
f.Type in a website on software's platform(where you have:www ),click on OK and start browsing.It display Error,retry until it browses.Then tick 'i accept' in the box that pops up,Continue.

3.MTN GPRS manual configuration settings
Account name: MTN GPRS
APN/Access Point:
IP address or Proxy Address:
Port: 8080
Home Page:
Username: web
Password: web
Use proxy: yes
Authentification type: normal
Login type: automatic
Network type: Ipv4
Security: unsecure (off)
Bearer: gprs
Enable ppp Extensions: yes

I am sorry...i cant attach a java file here.....u can mail me on for yourfree solibay software.thanks

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